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"Best Perch Dinner in Cleveland!"


Hours: Mon-Sat: 11-2:30am


The Eastland Inn is a Berea institution that began decades ago in a quaint little Century Home. We offer the best in American Comfort Cuisine, libations, and neighborhood hospitality


Eastland Restaurant & Bar has always been a favorite to locals and Baldwin Wallace BW students, and is now on the popular social network Twitter BW Baldwin Wallace students chose the Eastland Inn Restaurant & Bar as a local favorite as one of the best bars near campus in Berea Ohio

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CHICKEN PAPRIKASH- chicken breast layered in a paprika and sour cream sauce served with spaetzles and the daily steamed vegetable and a salad $10.15


MARSALA- sautéed breast of chicken topped with fresh shrooms, herbs, lots of parmesan cheese and covered in our sweet marsala wine sauce with choice of potato and house salad $14.95


CHICKEN PICCATA- breast of chicken sautéed in capers and garlic drowned in Dave's lemon parmesan wine sauce and your choice of potato and garden salad $14.55


FRIED CHICKEN DINNER- just what it is….served with mashed potatoes with gravy, veggies and a garden salad $9.95


ROASTED ½ CHICKEN DINNER-for our healthy friends ….sprinkled with herbs and baked served with choice of potato, steamed veggies and salad $10.95




YELLOW LAKE PERCH- 1/2 lb lightly breaded perch flash fried to golden brown served with slaw and your choice of potato- LUNCH $10.95 AND DINNER $14.95


BROILED SCAMPI'S- succulent seasoned and broiled scampi's served with a lemon herb drawn butter.  With your choice of potato and salad $17.95


GRILLED CRAB CAKES- fresh crab meat seasoned with old bay and accompanied with our spicy remoulade sauce sided with steamed veggies and your choice of potato and a tossed salad $13.95


1# BUCKET OF CRAB LEGS- 1lb sweet Alaskan snow crab legs served with drawn butter, steamed veggies, your choice of potato and a cup of soup or salad $16.95


WILD CAUGHT SALMON- grilled to perfection and topped with Maryland butter, served with your choice of potato, steamed veggies and soup or salad $15.95 





May Steak Fest at Eastland! For ONLY $8.95 buy a 10oz Scrumptious STRIP grilled your way, Baked Potato (get it w/ Liz's fav topped with melted cheese and crunchy bacon) & Vegetable

Hurry ONLY through the end of May!!!!!


16OZ RIBEYE- bone in for extra flavor; grilled to your perfection and served with baked potato, steamed veggies and a garden salad $19.95  


12OZ STRIP STEAK- grilled and served with baked potato, veggies and a garden salad $14.95

or try it “Elizabeth Style” melted bleu cheese then topped with shrooms and a creamy bourbon sauce $15.95 


6OZ FILET OF SIRLOIN- so tender; grilled and served with baked potato, veggies and a garden salad $9.95


PORK CHOPS- Two 6oz grilled pork chops served with mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and a salad $12.95


MEATLOAF- “not your momma’s….this is amazing”- seasoned just right baked and perfect match to accompany our garlic mashers and gravy and steamed veggies and a garden salad $11.95


LIVER & ONIONS- tender beef liver pan-fried to your temperature then loaded with grilled onions, crumbled bacon and lightly drizzled with a merlot wine sauce served with mashers and salad $10.95


BBQ RIBS- St. Louis cut pork ribs slow roasted and smothered in a sweet yet tangy BBQ sauce with fries and slaw FULL$16.95 - 1/2 $11.95




OLD FASHIONED SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS- homemade meatballs entangled in onions, garlic, and fresh herbs stewed in our marinara sauce accompanied with a tossed salad $11.15


PASTA PROVENCAL- spaghetti doused in garlic, butter, parsley and fresh parmesan cheese topped with chopped tomatoes, black olives and your choice of soup or salad. $10.15 add chicken $11.95 add mussels $13.95 add scampi's $15.95


CINCINNATI CHILI- spaghetti topped with our sweetened chili layered with cheddar cheese and topped off with scallions, tomatoes and a dollop of sour cream $10.95


EGG PLANT ROLLETTES- thinly sliced eggplant with a ricotta cheese stuffing baked and served with pasta and sauce and accompanied with a tossed salad $10.15


OH-SO Creamy MAC N’ CHEESE- Elbow Macaroni dossled in a white cheddar sauce sprinkled with chopped bacon for extra flavor served with soup or a tossed salad $9.95


VEGETARIAN POLISH STIRFRY- Oriental veggies stir-fried in a Caesar vinaigrette and tossed with pasta served with salad and bread for $9.85





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